China manufacturer Conjoined Double Screw Gearbox Plastic Extruder Custom

Solution Description

SZ conical double-screw plastic extruder gearbox series 

Detailed introduction:

This series product adopts hard tooth surface transmission device produced according to JB/T9095.1-1999 standard, consisting of reducer and distribution box, as the special product supporting conical twin screw extruder. 

Main product features:

1. The gear of reducer adopts high-strength alloy steel carburizing steel, grinded through carburizing and quenching, with level 6 precision. The tooth has high rigidness and low transmission noise.

2. The distribution box adopts small taper angle helical gear and high light alloy steel, with carburizing and quenching treatment after being cut by CNC gear hobbing machine, with high precision and rigidness.

3. With the design of nodular cast iron box and high-strength thrust self-aligning roller bearing, with reliable performance, can bear large axial thrust.

four. The reducer and distribution box are equipped with cooling device, with safe operation.

five. All cutting appearances are flat and beautiful. Besides current specification, the product of other specification can be customized according to the user’s requirement.

spec. input rotation speed output totation speed input power Single shaft output torque (N.m) Distribution shaft including angle connection spline size
SZ45 1500 44.eight eighteen.five 1972 2°40´ 8-48×42×8
SZ50 1500 37.8 22 2779 2°58´12″ eight-54×46×9
SZ55 1500 37.5 30 3820 2°36´14″ 6-60×53×14
SZ65 1500 37 4518 2°11´16″ 8-65×56×10
SZ80 1500 fifty five 6786 2°0´18″ eight-72×62×12
SZ92 1500 forty 110 13130 1°52´3.sixty four” ten-98×92×14

Beneath is a listing of our currently offered industrial gearboxes. If you cannot discover what you are looking for, you should contact the manufacturing facility for more possibilities. At EP, we are consistently building new products and retrofitting outdated kinds to satisfy client specifications.
These compact, lightweight, low backlash inline gear reducers ended up at first made for encoder applications. They are also ideal for numerous other drive techniques. Encoder equipment reducers have a extremely low instant of inertia at the shaft enter and are rated for input speeds up to 3000 rpm. Two frame sizes are available with equipment ratios from 4.ninety six:1 to 3600:1. Our encoder gearbox sync pads are available from inventory.

China manufacturer Conjoined Double Screw Gearbox Plastic Extruder     Custom