Magnetic Separator Wet Drum Weak Magnetic Separator for Separation Iron

Magnetic Separator Wet Drum Weak Magnetic Separator for Separation Iron

XCRS Drum Soaked weak magnetic separator is mainly utilized in steel benefication laboratory. It makes use of damp technique for magnetic separation of good-grained strong magnetic ores in the form of parallel stream. XCRS Drum Soaked weak magnetic separator is little in measurement, light in bodyweight, simple in operation and handy in routine maintenance. The tools is not appropriate for benefication assessments with corrosive liquids.

Structural Introduction and Traits
XCRS Drum Damp weak magnetic separator is composed of the principal entire body of the magnetic separator and drum power provide. The major entire body of magnetic separator primarily includes: one: Frame 2: magnetic drum 3: ore trough(hopper) 4: spray pipe five: transmission gadget six: feeding ore box.

The drum energy source is a single silicon bridge rectifier power source whose output is modified by a voltage regulator manage.

1. Body: welded by angle metal, which is the assist part of the total machine.

two. CZPTic drum: It is equipped with 4 excitation coils and magnet cores, and an additional magnetic pole with out excitation coil is put in on its discharging side to facilitate ore unloading. These 5 poles kind supporter-shaped mounted on the mandrel, the mandrel is fastened on the frame by means of bearing bushes, and the cylinder is made of non-magnetic materials aluminum and stainless steel, and the supporter-formed coil is created of non-magnetic material. The link final results in the alternation of the magnetic discipline polarity on the palm of each and every magnetic pole and the flip of ore particles up to 180 degrees for each passing magnetic pole. Under the action of magnetic stirring, the top quality of magnetic goods can be improved. At one particular end of the mandrel, a square outward composition can be employed to rotate the magnetic poles in the drum about the axis, so as to fulfill the needs of various minerals.

3.Transmission system: Put in on the base aspect of the frame, in get to minimize the center of gravity of the total equipment, the transmission part is composed of three AC motors, worm gears and worm gearboxes.The output of the gearbox is driven to the drum by means of the chain, which drives the drum to rotate (the magnetic pole does not rotate with it). The velocity of the drum is twenty five rpm. The path of rotating drive of magnetic drum is regular with that of ore feeding.

4.ore trough(hopper):

It is welded by aluminium and stainless metal plate and fastened on the frame by screw. An overflow outlet is organized at the feeding facet of the ore trough to keep the liquid degree large, and a concentrate nozzle is arranged at the decrease part of the concentrate trough for acquiring ore.

five. spray pipe:

A copper pipe with holes installed on the rack is linked with the indoor h2o source for washing concentrate on the magnetic drum. The sprinkler angle can be modified by rotating the spray pipe.

6. Feed the ore box:

The box body is welded by stainless steel plate. Its purpose is to guarantee the uniformity of ore feeding.

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Magnetic Separator Wet Drum Weak Magnetic Separator for Separation Iron