China manufacturer Worm Gearhead Speed Reducer Shaft Output Gearbox Custom

Merchandise Description

Precision Worm Gearhead stainless metal worm equipment pace reducer 
PW collection precision worm gearhead is a new technology of items with the sophisticated systems. Worm content is 42CrMo, and its hardness of tooth surface area is fifty~60HRC, which has the higher wear resistance, shock resistance and toughness worm wheel content is aluminium bronze, which has excellent put on resistance.
Key characteristics:
Backlash, ≤1 arcmin
High enter velocity, up to 6000rpm

Precision worm gearhead Model :PW1530
Gearhead Data :
Reduction : thirty:1
Rated electrical power(W) :sixty five
Rated output torque (N·m) : 20
Emergency stop torque (N·m) :fifty
Rated input pace (rpm) :4000
Greatest input speed (rpm) : 6000
Self-locking :Yes.
No-load backlash(arcmin) :≤1
Average mass inertia(kg.cm2) :.fifty seven
Optimum efficiency : 53%
W8 (kg) : 1.five
Complex Data
Radial load(N) : 350
Centre dist.(mm) : 35
Ingress defense: IP65
Operation temperature(ºC): -20~+80

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A  gearbox is  with the enter shaft and output shaft aligned it offers large torque transmission with good stiffness and low sound , in a much more compact foot print than other gearbox varieties . It can supply a good deal of speed reduction and torque in a little bundle with the fixed axis .Gearbox is guarantee that it offers very accurate gear engagement, easy working and bare minimum noise and give the capability to increase the torque and decrease the pace of an electric powered motor.
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Underneath is a listing of our at the moment available industrial gearboxes. If you are not able to uncover what you are searching for, you should speak to the manufacturing facility for a lot more choices. At EP, we are continuously building new items and retrofitting outdated ones to meet up with buyer demands.
Gear reducers, also known as reducers, occur in numerous transmission types and are developed to multiply torque and decrease input pace to a preferred output velocity. The major benefit of inline gearboxes is their potential to maintain control in purposes involving high rotational speeds. Their efficiency and potential to provide substantial input speeds with minimum backlash make inline reducer gearboxes excellent for a wide assortment of motion management applications

China manufacturer Worm Gearhead Speed Reducer Shaft Output Gearbox     Custom