China manufacturer Pxr60 Series Ratio 3: 1 Servo Motor Reducer Precision Planetary Gearbox manufacturer

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PXR60 series Ratio 3:1 servo motor reducer precision planetary gearbox

Helical Gear Large Precision Planetary Gearboxfor servo motor& stepping  motor:

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This helical planetary gearbox is utilised for servo motor and associated system which want to decrease velocity or enlarge torque! CZPT helical planetary gearboxes exterior diameter from 42 to a hundred and eighty, equipment ratio from 3 to 100! It has substantial precision and are widely utilized with servo motor these kinds of like Panasonnic,Fuji, Mitsubishi, Omran,Delta, Teco.
(1) Lower Sound:The use of helical equipment style,to achieve a smooth,very procedure of the reducer.
(2) High Precision:Backlash is 3 arcmin or significantly less,correct positioning.
(3) Large Rigidity,High Torque:The output shaft used huge dimension,big span double help bearing layout,which improves the rigidity and torque of the reducer.
(4) High Efficiency:1-phase up to ninety five% or a lot more,2-phase up to ninety two% or much more.
(5) Upkeep-Totally free:Lower grease dress in,can be life span lubrication.
(6) SCZPT Effect is Good:Lubricating grease with higher viscosity,not easy to different the qualities,ip65 safety course to ensure that no grease leakage.
(7) Set up Unrestrained:Can be installed arbitrarily.
(8) Broad Applicability:Applicable to any sort of servo motor.
(9) An natural and organic [integral] total output axis.


Variety Planetary Gearbox Design PXR60
Ratio  3:1 Allowable radial force(N) 1530
Coloration Black or on customer request Allowable axial drive(N) 600
Content Alloy steel, aluminum alloy Torsional Rigidity(Nm/arcmin) six
Efficiency(%) ≥95% Max. enter pace(rpm) 8000
Rated torque(Nm) 40 Rated input pace(rpm) 4000
Diploma of defense IP65 Common lifestyle(h) 20000
Operation temperature(ºC) 90ºC to -10ºC Precision Assortment one-3arcmin(P1)3-5arcmin(P2)
Bodyweight(kg) 2.05 Instant of intertia(kg.cm2) .four

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Newgear(China) acquire German precision planetary gear layout and producing technologies,Production of large rigidity, small backlash, low sound, stable transmission, reliable and tough planetary reducer,broadly utilized in various fields.
Newgear(China) has a full planetary equipment reducer producing chain .
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Equipment reducers are also called reducers. Mechanical components, by both of these two names, are created to decrease the energy transferred amongst the motor and the equipment among the rotational speeds (revolutions for each minute). The reducer efficiently minimizes the rotational velocity created by the motor, thus controlling the pace at which the machine runs and escalating the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque developed by the motor boosts the machine’s accessible energy – a approach known as “mechanical dominance”. In a greater context, gear reducers are fundamentally equipment employed to enhance the efficiency of tools procedure.

China manufacturer Pxr60 Series Ratio 3: 1 Servo Motor Reducer Precision Planetary Gearbox     manufacturer