XCMG HDD Xz2860plus Chinese Horizontal Hole Drilling Rig Machine Price for Sale

XCMG HDD Xz2860plus Chinese Horizontal Hole Drilling Rig Machine Price for Sale


CZPT XZ2860Plus Horizontal Directional Drill

one,Numerical meter screen theworking torque, press or pull power and so on parametric in operating situations.CZPTtronic sensor has speedy response and can present overload instantly. It alsoendures precision and hold off of the traditional hydraulic meter’s indicator. Itsolve the subject to depend the operator to estimate the torque and pressure bythe equipment’s change directive.

two,Drill body slide by thecylinder. Blend with url weldment. It is simple safe and easy to modify theentry angle of the tools. The gearbox adopts a few methods to steer clear of thestrike on the stop of the drill frame. So it is far more safety to the HDD.

three,Dual-engines areused. The HDD has all the motion on the problem of any motor starting up.Multi-issue engineering of changing the vacation pace combining with themulti-speed management of rotation and press or pull make HDD be suitable to thecomplex geology. You can use one engine in the problem of small pipe diameterin purchase to minimize the gas eat. So it is low-cost in building.

four,Clamp can vacation on thedrill body. It has the future of large torque and usefulness of cathead. TheHDD undertake the patent of rotation tooth. It is effortless to accomplish in clipping thepipe. It is reliable in clamping.

five,The HDD undertake Overloadprotection. Torque and drive and cylinder can modify by the digital strategy.It is straightforward and straightforward to change. and can be betoken in progress.

six,The HDD’s rotation adoptclosed hydraulic program and it really is drive or pull adopt load sensitivitytechnology. The main element of hydraulic and electric powered and transmission are madeof entire world first-class manufacturer goods, great functionality, excellent reliability.



Product Day
Motor CZPTrs Cummins
Model QSL8.nine
Rated Power 528 kW (264×2)/ (2100 r/min)
528 kW (264×2)/ (2200 r/min) (optional)
Thrust-Pull Max pull/thrust power 2860/2860 kN (XZ2860)
3600/3600 kN (XZ2860Plus)
Max pull/thrust velocity 25m/min
Rotation Torque(N·m) 90000 N·m(XZ2860)
110000 N·m(XZ2860Plus)
Max spindle speed(r/min) ninety five r/min (XZ2860)
seventy six r/min (XZ2860Plus)
Loader CZPT CZPT excess weight 3.2t
Loading capacity six.4t·m
Max inclination angle / 16
Vacation driving Sort Metal crawler self-propelled
Touring speed(Km/h) 1.five
Pipe Diameter × Length(mm×mm) Φ140×9600 mm×mm
Weight / 46000kg (XZ2860)
48000kg (XZ2860Plus)



XCMG HDD Xz2860plus Chinese Horizontal Hole Drilling Rig Machine Price for Sale