Tire Ring Cutter for 3m Diameter Truck Tire Waste Tire Rim Remover Cutting Machine Tire Sidewall Cutting Machine

Tire Ring Cutter for 3m Diameter Truck Tire  Waste Tire Rim Remover Cutting Machine  Tire Sidewall Cutting Machine

CZPT Squander Tyre Recycle Production Line, Tire Recycling Line

CZPT tire recycling creation line movement chart

 Capacity  200-10000kg/h
 Scope of application  Diameter of the tire:400-3000mm
 Output dimensions:  5-one hundred mesh,Can be CZPT
 CZPT separation  The rubber Crumbs,Metal and Fibre can be separated  automatically.
 Adopt PLC manage technique,it is only need to have 4-6 folks  to work a Tire  recycling(granule)creation line  with 3000kg/h capacity.
 Low power consumption.The put in powder of Tire  recycling  production(granule)line with capability  3000kg/h is about 800kw. 
 CZPT necessary location  About 680square meter,7m height
 Characteristic of blade  Long support daily life.Large utilization,A number of  maintenance


Tire recycling machine particular equipment introduction

one. Steel wire drawing machine 
Structural featuresThe blade of cutter is made of alloy welding and the surface area is challenging use-resisting.
On security element, this equipment have protective body, which can successfully promise security in the procedure of pulling out wire loop.
Motor and reducer, and as a complete, the construction is compact.
The device occupies the total ground, handy installation.
Pulling out the wire loops from the mouth of waste tires.
** Before chopping and grinding use metal wire drawing device, it can safeguard the blades of tire shredder, prolong       the provider life of the blade and improve the working effectiveness of the shredder
**.This design is composed of motor, hydraulic program, metal wire retractor, pull mouth, physique
**.The motor drives hydraulic method and oil cylinder, and metal wire retractor is related to the cylinder pull rod. The movement of oil pump and oil cylinder can make wire retractor do reciprocating motion.

2. Tire cutter for massive tire 
The basic basic principle is: motor drives hydraulic method and the cylinder, place the tire to lock arm, fasten two blades rotating in between tire and shear cylinders function to shift, two blades rotating blades forming shear, attain the result of shear.

This products, good shear effect, shearing pace, reduced power consumption, small quantity, convenient, since use the hydraulic program, straightforward procedure and secure.
CZPT description: the tires far more than 800 require to reduce, and lower into 4 parts in standard .the size of piece is two hundred-500mm.

Notes for utilizing tire cutter:

a. Examine the knives regularly, if show up obvious blunt, it must be keep timely, and the service is 2-three years.
b. the oil in hydraulic station ought to be filtered and modified often. CZPTly filter when each one and half calendar year.
c. Donning areas: rubber seals, delivered with an additional set when ship the equipment to the consumer.

three. Tire shredder equipment introduction and specialized knowledge
This equipment can immediately crush tires smaller sized than 800mm tires. At the general temperature, can be set immediately crushed into fifty * fifty mm block,

This machine is a compact composition, sophisticated technology, reduced vitality usage, high efficiency, smashing off the take a look at place for the structure, servicing is especially hassle-free equipment with carbide surfacing technology, large hardness, large put on resistance, and repeated repair utilizing, so has a for a longer time services existence rotary screen for the lattice construction of steel mesh, blanking big location, enabling the screening of certified rubber. Following the partition of massive tires can accomplish the effect of the very same!
CZPT description: the tires of 800mm diameter and rubber ring can straight be broken into 50*fifty mm of rubber block.
Notes for using whole tire shredder:

a. Inject gear oil into gearbox oil (hypoid equipment oil), major bearings use calcium-primarily based grease lubrication, a few months soon after the operation of the equipment, the oil must be replaced and cleanse the fuel tank. Given that then change the oil when time every yr.

b Following offer with three,000 tons of waste rubber (in normal circumstances),the consumer must grind the blade chopping edge after time. The blades is the put on elements, the general services existence is 5-six years, when delivering the machine to the customer, the shredder will be outfitted with edge hardness layer patching substance (electrodes).

**. The shredder device has the advantage of compact structure, sophisticated technological innovation, low usage, large effectiveness
**. The grinding chamber is of open up composition, practical repair and servicing
**. The velocity reducer adopts tough-toothed area reducer, high precision, large transmission effectiveness, secure operation, minimal sounds, modest quantity, light-weight bodyweight, and lengthy provider daily life.
**. CZPTtronic control system is for PLC programming with start, end, forward, inversion and overload automated defense purpose.
**. There is a big application assortment, it can get rid of plastic box, cartons, cans, paint bucket, rubber and so on.

four. Double Rolls CZPT Crusher 
Mostly used for crack big rubber blocksznd grind into 10-30 meshes powder.

five. Nylon sorting device

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Q: What sort of tire can be crushed recovery?
A: Such as autos, trucks, design autos and all sorts of tires.maxim diameter is 4M.
Q: What products can I lastly get? 
A: CZPT granules, powder, steel wire and fiber.
Q: Could you customize the manufacturing-line according to our budget?
A: Sure. Our factory has specialist engineer crew to style the most appropriate plan in accordance to your requirements.
Q: Is there machine doing work website demonstration for going to?
A: Of Course. Pls confirm exact time timetable visiting in convenient us appoint with our customer to arrange the functioning internet site in progress. 

Q: Do you settle for L / C payment circumstances?
A: Sure. We settle for sight letter of credit rating

Q: What about produce time?
A:20- 40 days right after get down payment.
Q: Provide set up and specialized direction?
A: 25-30 days set up working with two engineers which training on website.


Tire Ring Cutter for 3m Diameter Truck Tire  Waste Tire Rim Remover Cutting Machine  Tire Sidewall Cutting Machine