China shop Nmrv Power Series Aluminum Material Worm Gearbox Hot selling

Item Description

SC Transmission NMRV/NRV Sequence Worm Gearbox
Transmission Equipment Reducer
China Manufacter

Product Description

1. Wide transmission rate, strong output torque
two. Compact mechanical structure, light weight, small volume&Good heat-dissipating
three. Smooth operation with lower noise or vibration
four. Easy mounting, free linking, high efficiency


Solution Parameters

  • RV – Dimensions:030-040-050-063-075-105-one hundred ten-a hundred thirty-one hundred fifty
  • Input Options: with input shaft, With Sq. flange,With Input Flange
  • Input Power 0.06 to 11 kW
  • RV-Size from 030 to 105 in die-forged aluminium alloy budy and over 110 in forged iron
  • Ratios in between 5 and 100
  • Max torque 1550 N.m and admissible output radial loads max 8771 N
  • Aluminium models are provided total with artificial oil and allow for universal mounting positions, with no require to modify lubricant quantity
  • Worm wheel: Copper (9-4/10-1/12-2 for choices). 
  • Loading ability in accordance with: ISO 9001:2015/GB/T 19001-2016
  • Worm equipment reducers are accessible with diffferent combinations: NMRV+NMRV, NMRVpower+NMRV, JWB+NMRV
  • Alternatives: torque arm, output flange, viton oil seals, lower/high temperature oil, filling/drain/breather/level plug.

Firm Profile



Planetary gearboxes are utilised in numerous events where large effectiveness and high reduction ratio are necessary in a modest place. Featuring substantial precision and high torque-to-quantity ratio, it is excellent for torque boost, deceleration, specific positioning and manage of regenerative equipment. To ensure that the selected planetary gearbox is the very best in shape for your software, it is important to contemplate parameters these kinds of as torque, backlash and gear ratios when deciding on a planetary gearbox.

China shop Nmrv Power Series Aluminum Material Worm Gearbox     Hot selling