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CZPT Drive slCZPT travel equipment motor worm travel for horizontal solitary-axis photo voltaic tracking method. For horizontal solitary-axis photo voltaic monitoring technique, the major shaft of solar panel will modify the angle to specifically observe the declination angle. This type of slCZPT drive is only utilized for lower latitudes area.

Slew Generate is a new variety of slCZPT merchandise, typically referred to as slCZPT ring, which is typically composed of worm, slCZPT ring, housing, motor and other factors. Given that the core factors are slCZPT bearings, they can at the same time withstand axial forces, radial forces, and overturning moments. In contrast with classic rotary goods, the new slCZPT generate attributes easy set up, easy maintenance and a greater degree of installation space.


Slew Drive are widely employed in PV,CPV,STP photo voltaic monitoring programs and development purposes like truck cranes, manlifts, turntables, port machinery, modular cars, little wind energy programs and satellite communications.


Tilting Second Torque: Torque is the load multiplied by length in between the place of load and the center of slCZPT bearing. If the qorque created by load and length is increased than the rated tilting minute torque, slCZPT generate will be overturned.

Radial load: Load vertical to the axis of slCZPT bearing

Axial load: Load parallel to the axis of slCZPT bearing

Holding torque:It is the reverse torque.When the push is rotating reversely, and elements are not damaged,The optimum torque attained is referred to as holding torque.

Self-locking: Only when loaded, the slCZPT drive is not ready to reverse rotate and thus known as self-loc




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CZPT Drive





Output Torque


Tilting Moment Torque


Keeping Torque


Static Axial Ranking


Static Radial Score


Dynamic Axial Ranking


Dynamic Radial Ranking


Equipment Ratio

sixty one:1





About Us

CZPT – Useful SlCZPT Push & SlCZPT Bearing Promoter.

We are dedicated to researching, building and implementing high quality, precision transmission products goods,who supplies reputable mechanical actuator for horizonal single axis, dual-axis photovoltaic monitoring system, CSP,CPV solar monitoring design.Our expert and substantial-quality merchandise will be also used nicely as a continual remedy on aerial working platform, truck crane, timber seize, drilling rig, spray equipment, hydraulic module vehicle,automated assembly lines, wind yaw methods,and many others.

1. Our firm’s worm equipment reducer (slCZPT travel device) adopts the transmission method of airplane secondary enveloping ring surface worm merged with slCZPT assist, which can understand multi-tooth meshing.

2. On the preCZPT of not influencing the performance of the whole device, we improved and optimized it, and its overall thickness turned thinner and weight grew to become lighter.

three. The rotary system at the middle is a via gap for the buyer to use. The original solution is strong.

four. The worm content is 42CrMo, the secondary nitride therapy, the slCZPT bearing material is 50Mn, the tooth are quenched, and its use resistance is great.

Why select us

1. We are a producer of making slCZPT push and bearing for far more than ten several years.
2. We have innovative mechanical gear and rigorous quality handle group.
three. Effective creation speed and on-time delivery support.
four. Accept normal and non-regular generation.

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Photovoltaic electrical power era is an crucial application area of rotary generate, using slCZPT travel VH9 as a rotating element of solar photovoltaic modules, according to the position of the sunshine in a working day to the host of the angle and elevation of correct adjustment, time is the solar panel for better reception angle, can make increased effectiveness of electrical power generation.

Horizontal One Axis PV solar tracker system. The slCZPT drive VH9 is offered for 60-one hundred fifty square meter solar tracker layout.


Merchandise Certificate

CZPT Travel slCZPT generate equipment motor have arroved by CE and ISO2001 certification.

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It is sincerely searching ahead to cooperating with you for and delivering you the greatest top quality merchandise & support with all of our coronary heart!

Equipment reducers are also named reducers. Mechanical components, by either of these two names, are created to reduce the energy transferred amongst the motor and the device in between the rotational speeds (revolutions per moment). The reducer effectively lowers the rotational speed made by the motor, thus managing the velocity at which the device runs and increasing the torque created by the motor. Multiplying the torque made by the motor will increase the machine’s available energy – a approach recognized as “mechanical dominance”. In a bigger context, gear reducers are basically instruments utilised to enhance the efficiency of gear operation.

China factory Sun Tracker Slewing Drive Gearbox for Solar Tracker System     Hot selling