0.4 0.75 1.5 3.75kw Crane Geared Motor End Truck Motor End Carriage Motor

0.4 0.75 1.5 3.75kw Crane Geared Motor End Truck Motor End Carriage Motor

.4/.seventy five/1.five/three.75kw CZPT Geared Motor/Finish Truck Motor/End Carriage Motor

ELK  CZPT Geared Motor with Buffer —- 0.25KW—three.75KW
Simple  Characters :
one.High Safety ,Quiet Voice Motor
two.CE-ISO Approval
three.Power 0.25–3.75Kw CZPT Motor
4.Easy Heat Dissipation CZPT Geared Motor.
01.  ELK  CZPT Geared Motor with Buffer  Features :


Quality Warranty = 2 Several years
(1)Reduction  gear
The gear box is made of hight stress cast iron (FC25), and manufacture  by computer  numerical control machinery 
(CNCLATHE & CNC machine  center).  The gear is of Ni-Cr-Mo alloy steel(SNCM220 & SCM415) with carburization  process.
 The shaft is made by alignment and grinding . 
High accuracy  ,be durable and bumping. More than 5 times safety factor. Long working  life 
When soft starting, and after fly wheel acting, the movement of high inertia is Produced. 
No impactness this keeps crane stable, smooth and noiseless to stabilize the brake.
High performance of start torque, motor body heat is easy to dissipation. 
Large-pressure  resisting more than   1500V, light current, compact size, powerful output, available for high frequency working.
(4)CZPTtromagnet  Brake 
With direct-type electromagnet brake control can be adjustable with screw  high abrasion brake leather, 
long service life, safety and never be falling off.
 02. This Type CZPT Geared Motor with Buffer Advantages Notes :
(one).Small Volume with Compact Unitive Whole Part 
(2).Sensitive Steady CZPTtromagnetic Braking System
(3).Super Quiet Voice & Soft CZPTt and Soft Stop 
(4).Lowest Impact 
(five).High Torque/ Output Power Stronger /Easy Heat Dissipation
(6).Highest Cost Performance & Lowest Repair Rate .
03. ELK CZPT geared motor with Buffer Characters :
Motor, CZPT Motor,the motor,motor for crane,crane geared motor,reduction motor, geared reducer,reduction gears,
geared hub motor,geared motor india ,ac geared motor,dc geared motor, electric motor, 3phase induction motor ,
 end truck motor, end carriage motor .
04.ELK CZPT geared motor with Buffer Power :
.25Kw CZPT Geared Motor,.4Kw CZPT Geared Motor, 0.75Kw CZPT Geared Motor,
1.1Kw CZPT Geared Motor,one.5Kw CZPT Geared Motor,2.2Kw CZPT Geared Motor,
three.75Kw CZPT Geared Motor, Buffer Motor, Double Speeds Reducer, Dual Speeds Geared Motor .

     1. ELK  CZPT Geared Motor with Buffer Advantages :
..Small Volume : Reducer and Buffer Block and Motor(3Parts) are combined to be one whole Part.
..Safety and Reliability :CZPTtromagnetic Brake with DC current 
..Lower Noise :Helical tooth transmission 
..Lower Impact : With Buffer Block , Soft CZPTt and Soft Stop .
..Long Service Time : With Highly CZPT brake block 
..CZPT Warranty: 2 Years– Lowest Repair-rate  Easy heat dissipation .


one. ELK CZPT Geared Motor with Buffer — CZPT  Parameters :      
Method with buffer Electrical power(Kw) Poles Module Reduction Ratio Rotation Speed(50Hz) Voltage Work Class Bodyweight  (Kgs) Volume (m3)
KD-030 NO .25Kw 4P M3/M3.five/M4 ten:one 133 r/min 200V-600V/
3Phase/ 50Hz
M4 14Kg .011
NO .25Kw 6P 90  r/min M4
NO .4Kw 4P 133 r/min M4 26Kg .571
KD-050 Sure .4Kw 4P M3/M4/M5 eight.five:1 176 r/min M4
Of course .37Kw 6P 112 r/min M4 31Kg .571
KD-one hundred Yes .75Kw 4P M3/M3.5/M4/M5 7.seven:1 189 r/min M4
Yes .6Kw 6P 123 r/min M4 33Kg .571
Sure .four/.13Kw 4/12P 189/62 r/min M4
KD-150 Of course one.1Kw 4P M4/M5/M3.5 thirteen:one 112 r/min M4 47Kg .032
Yes .75Kw 6P 67 r/min M4
Indeed .6/.2Kw four/12P 112/33 r/min M4
KD-150A Indeed 1.1Kw 4P M3/M3.five/M4/M5 seven.seven:one 189 r/min M4 33Kg .571
Of course .75Kw 6P 123 r/min M4
Yes .6/.2Kw four/12P 189/62 r/min M4
KD-two hundred Sure 1.5Kw 4P M3.five/M4/M5/M6 sixteen:1 92 r/min M4 71Kg .06
Indeed 1.1Kw 4P 92 r/min M4
Yes one.1Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Of course .75/.25Kw 4/12P ninety two/30 r/min M4
KD-300 Indeed 2.2Kw 4P M4/M5/  M6 sixteen:one 92 r/min M4 91Kg .07
Indeed one.5Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Indeed 1.5/.5Kw four/12P ninety two/31 r/min M4
KD-500 Sure three.75Kw 4P M5/M6/ M7 16:one 92 r/min M4 96Kg .07
Sure 3.75Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Of course two.2Kw 6P 61 r/min M4
Yes two.two/.75Kw four/12P 92/30 r/min M4

Soon after-sale Providers– in 24 Several hours:
(one)….Ahead of–Sale Support : 
01..CZPT Handle: Strictly Production Request base on signed contract
02..Shipping and delivery Time: Ensure within contracted delivery time
03..Photographs: Send pictures to our client after end production and packing
04..Packing Information:Give full packing dimension table to our consumer
05..Manufacturer: Respect our customers’ advice to use our customers’ own brand name & logo
06..Paperwork:Give substantial effectiveness support to submit you all needed customs clearance files by DHL or TNT .  
(two)….After–Sale Provider :  
01..Reply : CZPT reply all your inquiries on line or by electronic mail or by telephone
02..CZPT Problems:Our manufacturing unit is liable for any troubles if it is resulted by our reasons
(This sort of as give you totally free new parts to restore it  or give sufficient some payment expense to you)
03..Safe Running: Pls remind your buyers to respect our Running Manual to function our equipment rightly,
to ensure Secure when function our equipment

Factory Details & FAQ:
one.Are you producer or trade Company?
–We are a factory founded in 2571 Year . 
two.How about sample & MOQ policy?
–Welcome sample order. MOQ can be 1 set. 
three.What is your guide time for your items?
–Typically fifteen days after verified purchase. 10 times could be obtainable for some products in adequate stock and CZPT needs,
and 30 times in the course of new year and scorching period ( Jan to March).

0.4 0.75 1.5 3.75kw Crane Geared Motor End Truck Motor End Carriage Motor